21st Century Learning Initiative

In 2013, a group of Queensland independent schools participated in the 21st Century Learning Initiative. The vision for this initiative is for schools to consider each aspect of the 21st Century Learning Skills model in their construction of their 21st Century learning environment.

21st Century Learning Skills Model

The Model is designed to incorporate the many aspects of schooling that lead to students becoming successful 21st century learners. It is through combining inclusive teaching and learning, structure and organisation and the affective domain that this can be achieved. All three domains must work in collaboration with one another and be working towards achieving the same goals (Stoltenkamp, 2012).

The purpose of the initiative was for schools to:

  • build, promote and teach 21st Century skills combining the three domains of the Model
  • Implement a 21st Century learning initiative that would directly further their schools’ vision and strategic plan, and
  • nominate a focus team to work through the initiative strategic plan developed to reach the desired goals using a collaborative inquiry process. 

Each school wrote an article about their project to promote and showcase the diversity and innovation occurring in Queensland independent schools.

The articles produced by each school are multi modal, telling the story of each initiative including the inspiration, highlights, challenges and benefits for the future. Each also includes video interviews from teachers and students produced by the Initiative team.

A B Paterson College
Reading and Comprehension in a Digital World

Brisbane Boys' College
Learning for teachers as well as students: Teaching Each Other to Teach Science

Cannon Hill Anglican College
Effective pedagogy that promotes 21st century fluencies

Genesis Christian College
Blended Learning - Attitudes and Perceptions

Nambour Christian College
Can student outcomes be improved through teacher engagement in collaborative inquiry?

Noosa Christian College
Everything Old is New Again

Saint Stephen's College
Self-regulated Learning as an Attribute of a 21st Century Learner - Promoting self-regulation in a learning environment aimed to provide a support structure for blended learning.

Somerset College
Better Student Outcomes, Better Staff Outcomes, Better College Outcomes

St Andrew's Anglican College
Continuous Learning Time in Year 9 – Fostering 21st Century Learning

Sunshine Coast Grammar School
A Menu of Thinking - developing a thinking school culture

YMCA Vocational School
ReBOOT – Development of Social and emotional learning through building a core ethos


Stoltenkamp, Juliet. Problems of Education in the 21st Century. 2012, Vol. 39, p145-158. 14p. 1 Color Photograph, 4 Diagrams, 1 Chart.