Queensland Government Initiative

The Queensland Government’s Initiative (formerly Non-State Schools Teacher Capability and Great Teachers = Great Results initaitives) aims to lift the professional standards of teachers and provide schools with greater autonomy to suit the needs of their students and communities.

Funding received in 2015-16 under this program can be used by schools for the following activities that support teacher quality:

  • goal setting
  • classroom observation
  • collecting evidence of quality teaching
  • engaging in performance conversations
  • leading and undertaking mentoring
  • undertaking further study for teachers
  • providing rewards for high performance, e.g., bonus payments
  • implementing online performance and monitoring

Support for schools

Independent Schools Queensland has developed a suite of programs and services, Great Teachers in Independent Schools to support school leaders to lead and develop their teachers.

Funding for Schools

Great Teachers in Independent Schools funds for eligible schools are calculated using teacher full-time equivalent (FTE) numbers from the previous year’s August census. 

Approximately 196 independent schools have received funding under this program in 2016.

During the program’s initial stages, schools were advised that ISQ would seek high-level reporting against the Activities selected in Actions Plans completed by schools during the application process.

Completion of an annual report, sent to schools in September 2016, fulfils this annual reporting requirement and provides a trigger for future funding.

The results will inform Independent Schools Queensland’s reporting to the Queensland Government on this program.

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