Year 7 Transition to Secondary

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From 2015 Year 7 will become part of secondary schooling in all independent schools in Queensland. Our schools are ready for Year 7 moving to secondary school, with plans well advanced to ensure a smooth transition. Currently, 154 independent school campuses offer both primary and secondary schooling and three quarters of these have been operating an organisational structure where, for many years, Year 7 has been either incorporated as part of secondary or middle schooling.

Independent Schools Queensland has provided training and resource materials to schools and has facilitated workshops where schools that have already gone through the transition, or have Middle Schools, have shared their learnings and experiences.

The following four areas have been identified as integral to successful transition of Year 7 into the secondary context.

  • Pastoral Care
  • Academic Excellence
  • Support Services
  • Classrooms and Facilities

Pastoral Care
Pastoral care will continue to be a focus in our schools. Independent schools are recognised for their strong pastoral care and student wellbeing. Great emphasis is being placed on ensuring Year 7s are welcomed, supported, and nurtured as they transition to secondary schooling in 2015.

Academic Excellence
Excellent academic programs will continue to be implemented in independent schools with thoughtful consideration given to aspects such as the curriculum, teaching and learning frameworks and assessment. In addition, the implementation of the Australian Curriculum since 2012 will ensure continuity of educational programs as students transition from primary to secondary school.

Support Services
Teachers in independent schools are committed to providing excellence in teaching and learning, and a positive learning experience for students. This approach will continue to apply to education programs designed to ensure Year 7 is integrated into secondary schooling. Additionally, teachers in independent schools who will be teaching Year 7 as part of secondary schooling for the first time are being supported with teacher readiness programs, which include mentoring and wellbeing programs.

Classrooms and Facilities
Schools have considered all aspects of infrastructure, from classrooms to appropriate specialist facilities, designated play areas to locker areas and have invested in their classrooms and facilities to make sure Year 7s will feel at home from day one in secondary school.

Independent Schools Queensland has provided independent schools with an audit survey tool, "Year 7 Transition, School Readiness Check" and will continue to support a smooth transition through a range of activities.
Further information is available for school leaders and teachers.