Accreditation and Government Funding Eligibility


In order to operate a non-state school in Queensland, the governing body of the school must first apply for and receive accreditation from the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board (NSSAB).

The NSSAB is an independent statutory body established under Queensland legislation - the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Act 2001 (the Act).

The Act and the Education (Accreditation of Non-State Schools) Regulation 2001 set out the criteria that the Board must consider in reaching a decision about whether or not to accredit a school. These criteria include the following:

  • Administration and governance arrangements
  • Financial viability
  • Educational program and student welfare processes:

    • Statement of philosophy and aims
    • Educational program
    • Students who are persons with a disability
    • Schools delivering distance education
    • Flexible arrangements approvals
    • Health, safety and conduct of staff and students

  • School resources

    • Staffing
    • Land and buildings
    • Educational facilities and materials
  • Improvement processes             


Government Funding Eligibility

The Act also provides for governing bodies to apply for ‘eligibility for government funding’ status.

A committee of the NSSAB – the Eligibility for Government Funding Committee – assesses applications for government funding eligibility.

The criteria that the Funding Committee considers in making a recommendation to the State Minister for Education whether to grant this status, or not, are as follows:

  • The likely impact of the school on any other schools operating in the subject school’s catchment area within 5 years after the school commences
  • The extent of choice in education (religious, philosophical or educational delivery) in the school’s catchment area with the establishment of the school
  • Whether the anticipated enrolment of students at the school is more than the minimum enrolment prescribed under a regulation
  • The projected population of school-age children likely to reside in the school’s catchment area within 5 years after the school commences
  • The extent of any unfilled enrolment capacity of any other schools in the catchment area

For most prospective new schools, satisfying the financial viability criterion for accreditation requires that the prospective school be granted government funding eligibility status.

From date of lodgement, the processing of applications for accreditation and government funding eligibility can take between six to eighteen months, with most decided within nine months.

Further details about the NSSAB, the accreditation process and applying for ‘Eligibility for Government Funding’ status are available on the NSSAB web-site at

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