Choice and Diversity

Independent schools offer parents choice in the education of their children. They enable families to select schools that best serve the child’s needs. Independent schools also enable families to choose a school that best promotes the values they believe are important.

 Independent schools are therefore a diverse group of schools and include:

  • Non-denominational schools
  • Schools with church or ethnic affiliations. For example, Lutheran, Anglican, Baptist, Jewish and Islamic schools
  • Montessori schools
  • Steiner schools
  • Schools supporting Students With Disability
  • Special Assistance Schools
  • Schools for Indigenous students
  • Schools with programs for gifted and talented students
  • Schools that offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma
  • Schools that cater for international students

Queensland’s independent schools include primary schools, secondary schools and schools providing education from kindergarten to Year 12. They vary from single-sex and co-educational schools to day schools, schools with boarding facilities and schools that provide distance education.

All independent schools must comply with government regulations and standards. However, most are established and operated independently of government and can develop their own educational programs, policies and procedures. Some independent schools with common affiliations operate as systems, for example Lutheran and Seventh Day Adventist.

Diversity in independent schools

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