ISQ Connect&Learn

ISQ is excited to introduce members to ISQ Connect&Learn, our new learning management system. The system will enable online and blended learning and enhance the user's professional learning experience through a system that is flexible and best suited to the needs of ISQ and its members.

The infrastructure will enable the effective management and integration of resources developed by and with schools and make self-paced online learning modules available.

Transitioning from the ISQ Collaborate system, communities of practice will be enhanced in the new environment, new communities will emerge, and users will be more connected with other ISQ services and offerings.

What is a Connect&Learn Community?

A community is a sharing space where learners and project team members can work collaboratively to support each other's learning throughout the year via discussion and professional dialogue. It will also incorporate resources, upcoming events, research and other information relevant to the community's focus area.

What is a Connect&Learn Course?

Courses allow learners the opportunity to learn and participate in interactive, online professional development around a schedule that works in with their current professional commitments, completing coursework at their own pace, at a convenient location and time.

Our online learning incorporates a variety of different types of interactivity and provides a sound basis for knowledge as well as eliciting potential further discussions with other school members and/or ISQ. Some courses are also pre-requisites or linked to face to face professional learning that is offered throughout the year. This will be clearly outlined in communications on available courses and professional learning where needed.

How do I sign up?

Go to Connect&Learn at and select REGISTER HERE. You will then be prompted to complete profile information. Once approved (please allow up to 24 hours), you'll be able to log into Connect&Learn and register for courses and communities.

What courses and communities are available for member schools?


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