Cybersafety Tool Kit

The Cybersafety Framework and Audit Tool is designed to support schools meet the requirements of the National Safe Schools Framework and assist schools in planning cybersafe strategies for their community. 

The six domains embedded in the framework include:

  • leadership, organisation and ethos
  • policies and procedures
  • professional learning
  • whole school positive behaviour management, early intervention and targeted support
  • curriculum and teaching
  • parent and community engagement.

Once the tool has been downloaded schools should use the template to:

  1. audit the implementation of  current cybersafety policies and practices in their school
  2. track the progress of their school across the six domains.

All elements of the tool are overtly linked to the National Safe Schools Framework.

Download the Cybersafety Framework and Audit Tool


This series of short videos will help schools prepare for and manage issues relating to cybersafety by providing practical tips and and examples of practice within our independent schools.

Whole School Approach

Holistic Education
Responding to Cyberbullying
Educating an Entire Community
Raising Awareness
Acknowledging and Embracing Social Media
Consistent Approach
Consistency of Message

School Processes
The Journey Forward
Engagement of School Leaders
Committee Selection
Forming a Committee
Committee Representation
Digital Footprint
The Need for Educating Parents

Illustrations of Practice
Filtering Programs
Rainbow Day
eSmart Dinners
Parent Letter
ACMA Activities
eSmart Leaders
Bullying Surveys and Reporting Bullying