Governance Essentials

Independent Schools Queensland Governance Essentials offers schools a condensed course focusing on the core essentials of school governance. It covers governance fundamentals, board function and process, planning and financial management.

Its format meets the essential needs of all members of the governing body. Courses or modules can be scheduled in as part of planned Board Professional Development Program; Annual Strategic Planning Day; or Board Monthly Meetings.

Governance Essentials is presented in three modules:

  • Governance Foundations
  • The Strategic Board
  • Board Stewardship

Governance Essentials Director Manual

The Governance Essentials Director Manual consists of three Books to provide a comprehensive understanding of the core essentials of school governance.

Download the full manual or select those most relevant to your key needs:

  • Governance Essentials Director Manual - 2014 Special Edition
  • Governance Foundations - Book 1
    • The School Board
    • Responsibilities and Obligations
    • Board Processes
    • Financial Performance Indicators
  • The Strategic Board - Book 2
    • Strategic Direction
    • Risk Management
    • Compliance and Policy
  • Board Stewardship - Book 3
    • Board Succession and Development
    • The Principal and the Board
    • Board Decision-making
    • Community/Stakeholder Communication

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