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Independent School Board Professional Development

Schools can select from a broad range of technical programs and specialist training, structured modules and short courses to customised consultancy services, that cater for both new and existing school board members and whole boards seeking to build their capacity in the area of governance.

The programs and specialist training can be adapted to suit the specific requirements of your board and senior executives and are all supported by hard copy reference material and resources. We encourage schools to contact us to discuss your needs and the best professional development fit for your governance objectives.

ISQ also holds a number of key events each year specifically designed for governors of schools boards where we hear from leading governance experts on a range of relevant and interesting topics.

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Independent Schools Governance Program

Program Background

The independent schooling sector is diverse and sees many and varied organisational and governing arrangements. Today, governing bodies of independent schools have a challenge in understanding and governing in a complex regulatory and economically competitive environment that is technical and multilayered. The risk is that this regulatory burden distracts from their key role to look to the future; set strategy and manage strategic risk. The future and health of the independent schooling sector is dependent on the stewardship of its governing bodies.

The skills and experiences of the governors are critical to the growth, health and innovative spirit of the sector and for education provision as a whole. The Independent Schools Governance Program is a flagship program developed specifically for an independent school setting where it will provide relevant, timely and enjoyable professional development to individuals of governing bodies and senior executive teams of independent schools in Queensland.

Whole of Board Options

Participating as a whole board offers many benefits and delivery options. As a group, you benefit by learning together and engaging with each other in a different setting. Positive and practical outcomes are achieved through a customised approach where the facilitator utilises your circumstances and examples during their delivery.

The Program is easily tailored to meet the specific requirements of your board. We will help you establish a module based delivery schedule that fits your needs.

Program Fees*

Short Course
Member Fee
Non-Member Fee
Practice of Good Governance (SC1) $520 $1,020
Monitoring of Governance (SC2) $520 $1,020
Planning of Governance (SC3) $520 $1,020
Sustaining Good Governance (SC4) $520 $1,020
Full Program $2,080 $4,080
* Booking for 4 or more people? Speak to us about group discounts.    







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Download the Brochure - Independent Schools Governance Program.

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