Information for Parents

Information and advice for parents about independent schools.

Choosing a school
Finding a school near you
Cost of independent schooling
Funding independent schools
Raising concerns with your child's school

Choosing a school

Selecting the right school for your child can be a challenging task.  Here are a few tips.

Know what kind of school you want

Independent schools offer parents a wide choice for their children's education. Some initial questions to consider:

  • Is it important that the school is single sex or coeducational?
  • Is the size of the school important?
  • Do you want a primary school, a secondary school, or a combined school?
  • What are the school values? Is it important that the school has a particular religious affiliation or educational philosophy?
  • Is it important that the school is close to where you live? Is transport available?
  • What fee levels are you prepared to pay?
  • Are there particular school subjects that you consider essential?
  • Are there schools that provide support for students with specific learning, language or cultural needs?

Visit schools

Arrange to visit schools during school hours to see how they operate.  Questions to consider during your visit include:

  • Is the school welcoming?
  • Do the students seem happy?
  • Are the grounds well cared for?
  • What facilities are there?
  • How do students relate to staff?
  • Do the staff relate well to each other?

Understand your child’s needs

Consider what type of learning environment best suits your child, considering their personality, attributes and needs

Finding a school near you

We provide contact details for all independent schools in Queensland. Visit Find a School

Cost of independent schooling

The average cost of educating a child at an independent school is much the same as educating a child at a government school. However, in independent schools it is often parents who pay most of the cost.

The cost to parents can vary greatly. Annual fees at independent schools can range from $500 to $15,000 per student. Special Assistance Schools charge minimal or no fees to parents.

Many schools offer scholarships and bursaries for students whose parents are unable to pay full school fees.

Funding independent schools

Independent schools receive funding from Federal and State Governments calculated as a proportion of the cost of educating a child in a state school.

On average, across the independent school sector in Queensland, 50% of funding comes from government (approximately 35% from the Federal Government and approximately 15% from the State Government). The other 50% of funding comes from parents. The level of government funding received is a major determinate in setting school fees along with the rising cost of education.
Education costs include increases in teacher salaries, capital costs for new buildings and maintenance programs plus implementation of the Australian curriculum.

Governments provide more funding to independent schools which serve the neediest communities. This needs-based funding approach makes independent schools more accessible to everyone. It means that parents of all income levels have even greater educational choice.

Raising concerns with your child’s school

Independent Schools Queensland is a membership association and is not an authority for schools. Each independent school is governed, managed and held accountable at the school level. As such, we are not authorised to consider or respond to complaints about member schools.

Independent schooling is a partnership between parents, students and the school. Any concerns should be raised with:

  1. School staff and, if necessary, with the school principal
  2. The school’s governing body
  3. The Non-State Schools Accreditation Board (NSSAB)

For more information about lodging a complaint about an independent school, please click here.