New Schools Resource

The establishment of a new school will require a significant investment of time, capital, energy and enthusiasm. Provided below is an outline of a suggested process that may assist you in establishing a new school.

It is to be expected that establishing a new school will require a minimum of two years (and often a lot longer) of planning, preparation, and gaining accreditation prior to opening the doors for the first intake of students.

Each major stage is divided into steps each outlining significant tasks within that step. The time taken to complete the stages and steps will depend on the number and school experience of people assisting you and access to relevant resources.

Stage One - Investigation:

Step one - gather your thoughts

  • Why do you want to establish a school?
  • What style of school do you want to establish?
  • Who will the school cater for?
  • Where do you want to establish the school?
  • When do you want to establish the school?
  • How will you establish the school?

Step two - expand the investigation

Is establishing this school achievable?

Stage Two - Planning:

Step three - the planning process

What documentation do I need in place?

Step four - accreditation

  • Part 1 applicant details
  • Part 2 new school details
  • Part 3 Government funding eligibility

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) staff are available to assist and support you and your team throughout this exciting journey, from concept to the opening of a new school.  

Additional resources: