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This page holds publications published in past years.

Past copies of Briefings

ISQ Briefings is the monthly publication to members. Each issue includes a word from the Executive Director, the Research Feature, and the Research in Action piece.

Volume 18, 2014

Issue 10, Nov/Dec - The "Gonski" Funding Model
Issue 9, Oct Independent Public Schools 
Issue 8, Sep - Education Accord Summit
Issue 7, Aug - NAPLAN
Issue 6, Jul - We're Ready for Year 7
Issue 5, Jun - The Work of Our School Governors Should be Recognised and Celebrated
Issue 4, May - Federal Budget: The Challenges Ahead
Issue 3, Apr - Skills for the 21st Century: Teaching Higher Order Thinking
Issue 2, Mar - Schools need to prepare for a period of change
Issue 1, Jan/Feb - Setting your 2014 Priorities

Volume 17, 2013

Issue 10, Nov/Dec - The Research on Year Level Repetition: a Smart Idea or Holding Students Back?
Issue 9, Oct - The Complex Process of Teaching Reading
Issue 8, Sep - To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Using Social Media in Business and Schools
Issue 7, Aug - Risk Management for Boards: Ensuring Director and CEO Accountability
Issue 6, Jul - Developing a Collaborative Culture
Issue 5, Jun - Teaching in 2030
Issue 4, May - Motivation: What Drives Us to Achieve
Issue 3, Apr - School-based coaching
Issue 2, Mar - Authentic Assessment: Assessment for Learning
Issue 1, Jan/Feb - Effective Classroom Management to Promote Learning

Volume 16, 2012

Issue 10, Nov/Dec - Low teacher morale: the reasons, cost and solutions
Issue 9, Oct - Curriculum and Learning Theory
Issue 8, Sep - An abundant future: what does this mean for education in the 21st century?
Issue 7, Aug - Evaluating the School Principal: What are the problems and how can the process be improved?
Issue 6, Jul - The Importance of Leadership in High Performing Schools
Issue 5, Jun - Technology vs. Instruction: what schools need to do to ensure instruction wins
Issue 4, May - The Importance of Community: Bringing the Outside in
Issue 3, Apr - Catering for our Brightest and Best: Caring for our Academically Gifted
Issue 2, Mar - School Improvement: Getting it Right for our Students
Issue 1, Jan/Feb - Student-Centred Leadership: Putting Fine Ideals into Action