Queensland Schools Planning Commission & Queensland Schools Planning Reference Committee

In July 2012, the Newman Government established the Queensland Schools Planning Commission (QSPC) as a Ministerial Advisory Committee with an Independent Chair, former school teacher and Education Minister Bob Quinn, and representatives from significant stakeholders, including Independent Schools Queensland.

The QSPC was established to streamline and coordinate the processes for the planning, establishment and expansion of Government and non-Government schools across Queensland.

The work of the QSPC included:

  • recommending changes to the regulatory and financial arrangements to improve delivery of future school infrastructure; and
  • development of a dynamic ‘demand map’ showing the areas in Queensland where new school places will be required over both a ten-year and twenty-year timeframe.

During its tenure, the QSPC undertook analysis of the statistical areas showing the highest projected future growth in the number of school-aged children. This analysis and resultant demand maps (2013 edition) are available at http://www.qgso.qld.gov.au/products/maps/schools-infrastructure-demand-maps-2013/index.php

A subsequent update of this mapping work based on 2015 projections is now available at http://www.qgso.qld.gov.au/products/maps/schools-infrastructure-demand-maps-2015/index.php

The QSPC’s two reports to the Minister for Education, Training and Employment can be accessed here:

The key work of the QSPC was completed by 2015 and the Commission was dissolved. During 2016, the Palaszczuk Government established the Queensland Schools Planning Reference Committee (QSPRC) to continue with the demand mapping activity established by the QSPC and to consider other matters related to the planning of schools in Queensland.

The QSPRC has commenced its work and relevant information will be provided here as it becomes available.