Annual School Data Collection

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    Why is this information being collected?

    Each year Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) collects information about key personnel in our Member schools to enable the provision of services. In the past, this information has been collected on different forms and by different sections of our organisation; resulting in data that is hosted on multiple systems and applications.

    Our aim for 2014 is to centralise the information and improve the accuracy of our records. By collecting the information in a single format, we will have a unified view of key personnel within your school and the ability to engage and interact with the correct school staff member as well as distribute accurate and timely information.

    What is the information used for?

    This information focuses on the individuals in your school who have roles or responsibilities relevant to key services and information provided by ISQ.

    Important Note: Critical information will continue to be distributed to the School Principal and their nominated officers via the Weekly Mailing and as direct communication from the ISQ Executive Director, David Robertson.

    As in previous years, the data collected will be used to:

    • build contact lists and email distribution lists; and

    • assign the individual to dedicated network groups.

    In 2014, we will also use the data to:

    • create user accounts for ISQ Hub, ISQ’s secure website zone; and

    • create user accounts for other ISQ websites (see Sign-up sections throughout).


    ISQ operates a number of websites and network groups as part of our services and information. Using the “Sign-Up” section your school can nominate individuals with relevant roles and responsibilities to be added to the relevant groups and be given access accounts for the websites.


    Please view our Privacy Policy online at about the information being collected, used and disclosed for the purposes outlined.

    Contact Us

    For more information about this data collection please contact:
    Cassandra Walsh, Manager Strategic Relations
    P: 07 3228 1536