School Review

Our confidential School Review Service supports your school to achieve its goals and maximise opportunities.

School reviews can cover all aspects of schooling and are offered on a fee for service basis, where applicable.

How does it work?

Our specialist consultants start by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your school’s current position and goals. We then develop a confidential report detailing tailored strategies and recommendations to suit your goals. We also offer ongoing support to implement selected strategies.

Fully flexible

Schools can select a whole-of-school review or tailor the service to suit current priorities. Specific areas we focus on include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Enrolments
  • Curriculum
  • Finances
  • Staff performance and management
  • Governance

Contact Us

For more information about our School Review Service contact:
Mark Newham
Director (Education Services)
Phone: (07) 3228 1515