Virtual Events - Troubleshooting

There are common problems that may be encountered when accessing a virtual session. Here are some suggestions:


System setup

It is recommend that your school’s IT support setup your computer prior to the event as they will have full access to install any plug-ins required.

Setup is taking a long time

Ensure you have read and accept the instructions presented in dialogue boxes as appropriate. This step could take some time to process. See your IT support if you have issues here.

Microphone doesn’t work

Consider using the chat function as an alternative

What your connection speed be

LAN/Cable: if you are connecting through the school’s network and plugged into the network

Wireless: if you are accessing the Internet wirelessly

Connection Failed

Your ICT support may need to alter the proxy settings to allow access through your school's firewall.


The following tips relate specifically to Blackboard Collaborate.


System setup

Connect to the Configuration Room prior to event to ensure you are prepared and have all the plug ins:

Sound equipment not working

Use the Audio Setup Wizard to detect and test your audio and microphone.

Go to the Menu> Tools > Audio > select Audio setup wizard