Events System User Resources

ISQ events are divided into three categories:

  • Governance and Executive
  • School Business Management
  • Education Services

Using the ISQ Events System 

The ISQ Events System requires users to register prior to completing a booking in the system for the first time. This involves providing your name, email address, the school or organisation that you belong to, and your job title.

A comprehensive User Guide is available for download here and the following information is a quick guide to the some of the functionality that is available in the system.

Searching for an Event online

ISQ events can be searched by categories and their sub-categories. This makes it easy for you to find relevant events and professional learning sessions. The system defaults to the search screen when you first sign in.
The following search options are available:

  • Event Category (i.e. Education Services) using the “Browse” dropdown box
  • Region/Sub-Region (i.e. Brisbane) using the dropdown box.
  • Keyword Search (i.e. Search by Role, Event Type).
  • Select a date on the calendar.

See the search results displayed at the bottom of the screen and each offer a number of features to help you to find out more and manage your own booking.

  • “Info” provides you the event description
  • “Book Now” button which will direct you to the Booking form

Booking Your Participation

Following the search results, you are now able to book participation. There are a number of options for bookings:

  • Book yourself into an event
  • Book for other non-account holders
  • Book for other account holders

Registrations are subject to cancellation policies which are provided through the registration process.

My Orders

‘Orders’ relate directly to the payment status of your registrations.

You are able to log into the system at any time to review and complete your payments. We offer a credit card payment facility or will issue an invoice for your payment.

My Registrations

All events you have booked appear in “My Registrations”. Registrants can manage their cancellations and payments within the system.

Wait List

Where participant numbers are limited for an event the remaining number of places available will be shown during the booking process. When the “Wait List” is enabled for an event, you will be able to register on the wait list.

My Group

The “My Group” feature makes it simple for you to manage bookings and registrations on behalf of others. The service also provides opportunity for the individual you are booking on behalf of to receive the notification emails and manage their registrations through their own account.

Virtual Events

Technical requirements and information about troubleshooting is available through the left-hand menu.

Questions about your booking?

Contact the ISQ Events Team on:
Phone: 07 3228 1507