Using Data in Schools

National and international research identifies the importance of data literacy and data-driven decision-making to maximize student learning.

ISQ is committed to supporting all independent Queensland schools to use data effectively. 

Our support ranges from online courses and workshops with leading data experts to a trial of an educational Data Analytics System.

Online Data Course – coming soon

A series of modules for teachers, school leaders and Board members which can be completed as a course in educational data or accessed independently to meet individual learners needs.

The course is delivered through ISQ Connect&Learn, our new learning management system.

Participants will complete six modules at their own pace:

For all

The case for Educational Data
Teachers, School Leaders and Governors are required to use data to inform classroom, whole school and strategic improvement. Participants in this module will reflect on key educational data theories and processes and consider their use in their own school setting.

What Educational Data do we have and what do we choose?
Teachers and school leaders work through a series of guided questions to identify what educational data is available and determine the most relevant data sets needed to plan for improvement in the classroom or at a whole school level. This module will cover data type and data sources.  Participants have the opportunity to identify the data sets available within their current school context, and make direct links between this data and their plans school improvement.

Managing educational data
School leaders are require to establish processes that ensure Teachers and Governors have access to  ‘quality data’ (reliable, current, clean) in order to make good decisions. This module covers practical considerations related to data management including – accuracy, storage, confidentiality, visibility and accessibility.

For School Leaders

Using data in strategic planning
School leaders will learn how to analyse and report on relevant school data to determine school improvement interventions and evaluate the success of those interventions. School leaders will analyse whole school data sets and review sample reports. They will also learn how to present data effectively to Staff and Boards in persuasive and concise ways. 

For Teachers

Using individual student data to improve  learning
Teachers will review sample data about an individual student. They will analyse and interpret the data and plan teaching interventions in order to differentiate learning for the sample student. Each case stud will include an expert’s interpretation of potential differentiation strategies.

Using cohort data to improve learning
Teachers and middle leaders will develop understandings and strategies for leading curriculum change in teams and improvement through the collection, analysis and interpretation of data and evidence at a cohort level from a variety of sources, including school and external assessment, and educational research.

Data Analysis System

ISQ's Data Analysis System project is supporting seven schools to implement a data visualization tool that can be used use to represent a range of data in order to guide school improvement, professional learning for teachers and provide students with timely meaningful feedback.

The Data Analysis System tool provides ISQ schools the opportunity to interact with an electronic data repository, which makes accessing common student data sets, effective and efficient.  Dashboards provide differing levels of accessibility for school leaders, teachers and parents to retrieve, analyse and act upon student data, thereby making the most informed improvement decisions.


An online tool that assists Queensland independent schools to analyse their NAPLAN results.