About our website

Welcome to our website.

We are pleased to offer you a website that enhances the diverse and extensive range of services available and has the integrity to support new initiatives and changing priorities that greatly affect the independent schooling sector. The clean corporate styling is representative of our vision and mission statements and we expect it to offer you a user-friendly experience.

Key features...

The first thing you will notice is that the website offers extensive information at a public level. Providing this information to the independent schooling community enables ISQ to engage key stakeholders and provide relevant information about the sector and current issues. This reinforces our pursuits and interests on behalf of the sector.

In addition, members of Independent Schools Queensland have a broad range of services and information available to them. This website supports and promotes the direct engagement with our members and key stakeholders by delivering comprehensive information to the user that is relevant to their role in the school. Our secure website zone, ISQ Hub facilitates the individual access rights to relevant and up-to-date information and resources. It also offers a gateway to collaborative spaces where you can interact with other Queensland independent schooling personnel and Independent Schools Queensland staff.

Registration of ISQ Hub is limited exclusively to school leaders, teachers and approved staff of our member schools. You can submit your request for an account by emailing us at website@isq.qld.edu.au.

Questions or Feedback?

Send your comments, suggestions and questions to Cassandra Walsh, Manager (Strategic Relations): website@isq.qld.edu.au