What Parents Want

School choice is one of the most critical decisions any parent will make in respect of their children. Understanding how and why parents make such a decision is crucial in ensuring independent schools continue to meet the needs of parents while sustaining a healthy and viable independent schooling sector into the future.

In October 2014 Independent Schools Queensland commissioned the third in a series of surveys and released the results in March 2015. Two previous surveys were undertaken in 2006 (results in 2007) and 2010 (results in 2011). The series provides valuable comparative data.

What Parents Want – An Independent Schools Queensland Survey examines the decision-making process parents undertake when choosing to send their child/children to an independent school, including the influence of varying sources of information available to parents and the relative importance of a myriad of factors that can influence school choice.


ISQ Launch of the 2015 What Parents Want Survey Key Findings at St Margaret's Anglican Girls' School, 23 March 2015

David Robertson, Executive Director, Independent Schools Queensland

Sue Kloeden, Executive Officer, Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network