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Celebrating 50 years

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ) is celebrating 50 years of supporting choice and diversity.

Since the first meeting of the association in 1968, the organisation has remained committed to promoting, supporting and developing independent schooling in Queensland.

Throughout 2018, ISQ will celebrate the achievements of the sector and reflect on the organisation’s contribution to independent schooling.


Did you know?

The first meeting of the association was held on 18 July 1968 at Brisbane Grammar School, with representatives from 27 schools attending.

To mark ISQ’s 50-year milestone, the 2018 AGM and Dinner will be held on the same date (18 July), and in the same location (Brisbane Grammar School) as the inaugural meeting of our membership association. If you would like to attend the AGM and/or the 50-year celebratory dinner, register now.

Share in the celebration

ISQ invites member schools to share their stories of outstanding/interesting alumni, former staff, old school pictures or stories of your school’s interaction with ISQ. These memories will be considered for incorporation into a commemorative publication and microsite.

Member schools can email their stories and contribution throughout the year. Contributions for the commemorative publication will need to be received by 30 March 2018.


Upcoming Events

Re-engaging students in education

22 June 2018 - Young people who have disengaged from mainstream education now represent 1 in every 80 students enrolled at Queensland independent schools, contradicting a common public perception that the sector only caters for the privileged.

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Economic factors influencing the sector

19 June 2018 - This issue of Briefings looks at the economic factors influencing the health of the independent schooling sector and examines Cognitive Load Theory and the learning limits of students. 

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ISQ responds to Qld Budget

12 June 2018 - Independent Schools Queensland has welcomed the record allocation of $98.4m to support capital works in non-state schools in the 2018-19 Queensland Budget handed down today.

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