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Hillcrest Christian College

Innovation Agenda Drives Classroom Learning at Hillcrest

Equipping students with the knowledge and skills to “flourish” in the future is at the heart of a whole-school transformation at Hillcrest Christian College, in Reedy Creek on the Gold Coast.

Over the past few years the College has revamped its traditional classroom design to create more engaging and interactive learning environments. At the same time, Hillcrest has adopted a Design Centred Learning (DCL) approach in its delivery of the curriculum, to give students greater agency in their learning while developing entrepreneurial skills. Students are challenged to solve real-world problems as part of their studies, with many of these activities drawing out their STEM skills and knowledge. One of the tasks the College’s LUMOS 5/6 class undertook was to examine the College’s use of electricity and to consider practical ways of reducing Hillcrest’s power bill. Students spoke to engineers at the Swanbank Power Station and also communicated with world-leading technology companies to learn about solar cells and their storage, energy tile manufacturing and eco wall coverings.  The students then presented their findings, costs and estimates to the College Board in a Shark Tank-style scenario.

It's therefore no surprise that the College has embraced the “game changing, change making” theme of 2018 National Science Week, putting together its own event program starting with an astronomy evening and ending with some students participating in a science competition display.

Hillcrest Christian College has been recognised internationally as a pioneer in educational innovation, and in 2018 was one of three Queensland independent schools named in the top 100 most innovative educational institutions in the world by Cambridge University, for their Cambridge Strategies: INNOVATION 800 publication.

“Hillcrest Christian College is a future-focused school that equips students with the skills to thrive in a world of rapid growth and technological change. The College has moved away from traditional instructional pedagogies to allow students to experience learning through real world, authentic DCL tasks in agile learning spaces that allow for constant collaboration. Students are visibly more engaged and feel ownership and responsibility for their own academic and social-emotional growth.”

- Danni Foster-Brown, Junior Learning Community Deputy of Innovation and Academic Performance






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