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Ormiston College

STEM Infuses All Areas of Learning at Ormiston

STEM comes alive in every year level, every week at Ormiston College. Students start their STEM journey at the Prep to Year 12 co-educational school in Redland City south of Brisbane, from their first year in Prep. These smallest students are challenged to design and develop a farm as part of their studies on living things. In Year 2, the concept of forces is explored through toys, with students tasked with designing a toy and pitching their prototype product to a panel of community members. In Year 5, students use Minecraft to map out their idea for a new residential community before building it. In Year 8, students studying the human body use augmented reality technology to develop an awareness raising project on organ donation.

The college’s commitment to STEM education is shared by its community and enshrined in its strategic plan. Its curriculum incorporates both dedicated STEM units from Prep to Year 12, as well as the explicit development of 21st century skills, such as problem solving, across all areas of learning.

Ormiston College, its leaders and teachers, have earned numerous state, national and international accolades for their cutting-edge and future-focused approach to teaching and learning, including being named a Microsoft World Showcase School.

“In an environment of innovation, our college’s goal is the development of transferable skills that equip our learners with the ability to engage in a rapidly changing global community; opening up endless opportunities. A vital element of quality learning is our commitment to supporting the professional growth of our staff." 

Tamara Sullivan, Dean of Teaching and Learning Innovation





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