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Schools Reinvest Surplus Funds

Letter to the Editor published in The Courier-Mail, 12 April 2018

I refer to your story "Grammars an expensive business, the books say" (C-M, Apr 11).

Grammar schools, like all independent schools, are not-for-profit institutions, which means all funds must be used to fulfil and further their education mission to students.

From year to year their balance sheets may show a surplus or deficit. This often depends on what stage the school is at in its long-term strategic building and curriculum-planning cycles.

Independent schools are continually investing parent capital contributions received over many years in new infrastructure and building maintenance. This can only be achieved through a surplus of income over expenditure.

A surplus is considered good financial practice. It gives parents and the community confidence that these schools are financially viable and responsibly managed.

Queensland's eight Grammar schools have made enormous contributions to their communities and to education in the state.

David Robertson, Executive Director, Independent Schools Queensland

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