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Shalom Christian College

Equipping Students for a Digital Future

Shalom Christian College in Townsville is equipping its students for a digital future. The Prep-Year 6 school, which caters predominantly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, is part of a national project to implement the Digital Technologies subject.

The National Innovation and Science Agenda-funded project, which involves 20 north Queensland schools, is teaching students how to use computational thinking and information systems to define, design and implement digital solutions.

The College employed a specialist teacher to help expose every student to the new curriculum and to successfully engage them in digital systems, data representation, programming and how to collaborate safely online. School staff have also participated in a range of workshops to increase their understanding of the curriculum and to learn new ways the subject can be incorporated across other learning areas. 

Students have embraced Digital Technologies and the increased access the subject has given them to a range of technologies and software programs. Many students now spend their lunch time in the library continuing to master the programs, such as Scratch, a computer coding game for children.

The benefits of the project have also flowed through to improved student engagement and progress in subjects including Mathematics.

“The children love this subject. It is not only expanding their access to technology and improving their computer literacy and problem-solving skills, it’s also allowing them to express themselves creatively in a different, online format.”

- Sharyn Ive, Deputy Principal



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