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Parent & Community Engagement

Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ), in partnership with the Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network (QIS Parents Network), is committed to elevating and enhancing parent and community engagement in independent schools.

What is Parent Engagement and Why is it Important?

Parent engagement is deeper than simply involving parents in school life, through reading groups, tuckshop duty and fundraising events.

While these activities help build school culture and community, which is critically important, more than 50 years of national and international research shows students do better academically, socially and emotionally when parents are interested in their child’s learning and help continue and extend it through conversations, questions and support at home.

School culture and student learning thrive when parent engagement:

  • features in the school’s strategic priorities
  • is linked to the school’s mission
  • is led by the school principal
  • is embraced and enacted by staff at all levels.

There are 10 dimensions of parent engagement. Assess your school's performance against the checklist while learning more about parent engagement.

Parent Engagement Events

To date in 2020, ISQ and the QIS Parents Network have held two events faciliated by leading Griffith University-based researchers on parent engagement, Dr Linda Willis and Professor Beryl Exley. The events were attended by more than 80 school staff - a level of interest that confirms the priority parent engagement is being given in school improvement agendas.

Access event presentations and resources.

Expressions of Interest

Schools that would like to learn more about parent engagement, funding opportunities for school-based research and future ISQ-QIS Parents Network initiatives are invited to register their interest with Shari Armistead, Director (Strategic Relations) - or call 07 3228 1515.


There is a wealth of research literature, reports and papers on parent engagement.

A good place to start is The Parent Engagement Implementation Guide (2020) by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY). The guide is the culmination of a four-year research project funded by the Australian Government.

Intrigued to dive deeper? Visit the Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network “For Schools” section for an extensive range of articles and resources on parent engagement.


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