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Potential school sites

When researching where to place a new school or campus, the following information may assist.

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Ministerial infrastructure designation

Ministerial infrastructure designation is an important component of the planning framework for school development proposals. 

Most state school developments are approved through ministerial infrastructure designation; however, non-state school developments can also be decided this way.

Ministerial infrastructure designation may apply to a new school development site or an existing school that is undertaking further developments on its current site.

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Priority Development Areas

Priority Development Areas (PDAs) are specifically declared by the State Government to be parcels of land for accelerated development. Development of PDAs are overseen by Economic Development Queensland. The master plans for these large new urban areas include provision for community facilities such as schools. The following details relate to the key four PDAs that offer potential for new independent schools.

Caloundra South (Aura)

Caloundra South is a PDA located south of the existing Caloundra urban area, the Caloundra Aerodrome and the Sunshine Coast Regional Business and Industry Park. The Bruce Highway forms the western boundary and Bells Creek Road forms the southern boundary of the PDA.

Caloundra South PDA covers 2,310 hectares and will become a community providing approximately 20,000 dwellings to house a population of roughly 50,000 people. Up to 20 schools are expected to be needed as the community grows. The key developer is Stockland and the development has been named “Aura – City of Colour”.

The State Government has committed to the first State primary school in this PDA.

Yarrabilba, Logan City

Yarrabilba is a PDA located 20km south of Logan Central. Lend Lease, who is the master developer of this new community, has developed a Yarrabilba community website. The development is being phased over 30 years (2012-2042) with construction now occurring in precincts 2 and 3.

The development is expected to require 11 schools. St Clare’s Catholic Primary School will open in 2017 and the first State Primary School is planned to open in 2019.

Greater Flagstone

In September 2018, a special briefing session was conducted that brought together the key developers and interested providers. Presentation materials are available here.

PEET Ltd is one of the developers of Greater Flagstone which is a large PDA located 9km west of Jimboomba. PEET Ltd have a community website about Flagstone.

Ripley Valley

In August 2018, a special briefing session was conducted that brought together the key developers and interested providers. Presentation materials are available here

Ripley Valley is a large PDA located 5km south-west of the Ipswich CBD. Providence South Ripley is a development within the PDA underway by AMEX Corporation.

Potential school sites

From time to time, ISQ receives information from landholders and developers about sites that potentially may allow for the development of schools. This page will be updated with information when it becomes available.

Queensland Schools Planning Reference Committee

Member schools are provided access to a range of resources from Queensland Schools Planning Reference Committee consultations, which took place across Queensland in 2017 and 2018.


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